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Smithies Outback is a four wheel drive and camping store that is located in Pakenham, Victoria. We stock top brands that we use and test ourselves during competitions and also when we are out camping with our families and friends. Some of the brands we stock include Warn, Ironman 4x4 and OZtrail.

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CLEARVIEW MIRRORS - Toyota LandCruiser 75-79 Series

CLEARVIEW MIRRORS - Toyota LandCruiser 75-79 Series

1984 to CURRENT - All models
Availabile to suit a large range of vehicles contact us to check if your vehicle is suitable.
We can do in house modifications for those people that want an upgraded mirror but do not require the reach the standard replacement mirrors offer...
(indicators are an extra)
Clearview Towing Mirrors for the Toyota LandCruiser - 75 Series, 76 Series, 78 Series, and 79 Series (1984 to Current models) have identical mirror bases allowing compatibility between vehicles.
The Toyota LandCruiser - 75 Series, 76 Series, 78 Series, and 79 Series (1984 to Current models) side mirrors come standard with manual operation without indicators.
The 78 Series may contain a Quarter Port Window. Clearview Towing Mirrors may restrict use of this window once on the car.
All 70 Series troop carriers and wagons without the strap mirror will not have the bottom holes required to fit our mirrors. Therefore, it will be necessary for new holes to be drilled during fitting of the Clearview Mirrors. If you do not feel comfortable drilling new holes into your car door, we do not recommend purchasing Clearview Towing Mirrors.
You are able to purchase Clearview Towing Mirrors with electric large mirror glass operation even if your Toyota LandCruiser - 75 Series, 76 Series, 78 Series, or 79 Series (1984 to Current models) mirrors are manually operated. However, an electrics kit will also need to be purchased (which includes toggle/adjustment switch) and all wiring will need to be hard wired by a registered auto electrician. We can provide this service in house.
There is the option of having clear indicators included in the mirror as pictured at an extra cost.
All mirrors are ADR certified meaning fully road legal.


Smithies Outback Gear, the Home of Ironman 4x4 Pakenham is located at 2/4 Southeast Boulevard, Pakenham, Vic 3810 (near Car Mega Mart)

You are welcome to collect your item, or we can send anything Australia wide. Contact us on (03) 5940 3377 to ensure your item has been processed and is ready for pickup.