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About us

Smithies Outback is a four wheel drive and camping store that is located in Pakenham, Victoria. We stock top brands that we use and test ourselves during competitions and also when we are out camping with our families and friends. Some of the brands we stock include Warn, Ironman 4x4 and OZtrail.

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RidePro suspension offer a quality shock absorber to suit nearly every application, This listing is for their Classic Shocks, a well built quality shock, having been designed by leaders in the industry for the sole purpose of delivering a quality product, with a realistic price. They're not one of the cheap & nasty shocks on the market, and they will last well past the 2 year, 40,000k warranty offered.

ROX Shocks™ Classic by Ridepro® is a division of ATECO Automotive Pty Ltd, a major distributor in Australia of automobiles and 4WD accessories. Having developed a range of 4WD suspension products to satisfy the most demanding four wheelers worldwide.

Four key issues were targeted, namely FUNCTIONALITY, PERFORMANCE QUALITY and DURABILITY.


  • FUNCTION relates to the evaluation of a vehicle and its suspension characteristics. Our aim is improve the PERFORMANCE of the vehicle.
  • PERFORMANCE relates to the ride quality, handling off-road ability and load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Increase suspension travel, improved ride comfort, better handling on-road, improved traction off-road and more stable and better controlled load carrying are our aims - "Make a good 4WD better".
  • QUALITY of a high standard is demanded by discerning four-wheel drivers worldwide. ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® brings to the marker place a superior range of 4WD suspension products.
  • DURABILITY is perhaps the most important consideration for ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro®. Every product in the range has been extensively tested so we know that you can have every confidence in your purchase.

ROX Shocks™  by Ridepro® offers a 2-year/ 40,000km warranty covering faulty material or workmanship on all ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® products.


The wide brown land is getting drier, the roads are getting rougher. More and more people are heading off for the grand tour and their vehicles are getting heavier. ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® has developed a range of firmer valved shock absorbers, for the most popular four wheel drives.

When you’re after a shock with that extra something, RoxShocks Xtreme is the one. It has that extra grunt for improved handling and control of heavier vehicles in really rugged terrain.

With over 12 months of development and durability testing has resulted in the introduction of the ROX Shocks™ Xtreme by Ridepro® range of heavy duty shock absorbers. Much of the design has focused on the excellent results achieved by the ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® range in competition over the past 4 years.

With podium finishes in several different types of events in Australia and overseas, ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® has established an enviable reputation for quality and durability, ROX Shocks™ Xtreme by Ridepro® takes a step up in performance to meet a growing demand for heavy duty applications.

  • 41mm piston and bore for improved performance
  • Twin Tube design for protection from stone damage
  • Low Pressure Gas filled to minimise risk of fade
  • High Temperature shock absorber fluid maintains viscosity in extreme situations
  • Velocity Sensitive Valving for fine tuning the suspension control
  • Unique Hydraulic Lock to prevent topping out
  • Supplementary welds for improved strength


With a range of large, 41mm piston Shock Absorbers, Coil and Leaf Springs, Steering Stabilisers, Torsion Bars, Swaybars, Polyurethane bushes, greasable shackles & pins, this system has been designed for up to 50mm lift from standard ride heights.

2 year/40,000 Klms Warranty for normal consumer applications.
ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® 4x4 Suspension does not offer warranty on products fitted to vehicles used in competition, or for vehicles which exceed the manufacturer's specified Gross Vehicle Mass.

Full range of suspension parts, kits & components availabile in our store, or email us for anything you may need.


Smithies Outback Gear, the Home of Ironman 4x4 Pakenham is located at 2/4 Southeast Boulevard, Pakenham, Vic 3810 (near Car Mega Mart)

You are welcome to collect your item, or we can send anything Australia wide. Contact us on (03) 5940 3377 to ensure your item has been processed and is ready for pickup.