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About us

Smithies Outback is a four wheel drive and camping store that is located in Pakenham, Victoria. We stock top brands that we use and test ourselves during competitions and also when we are out camping with our families and friends. Some of the brands we stock include Warn, Ironman 4x4 and OZtrail.

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  • 6.1 You may return your product within 14 days of us dispatching your purchase to you provided that products returned must be in the original unopened packaging and the packaging must not be damaged.
  • 6.2 Any opened packaging will not be accepted to be returned.
  • 6.3 Under no circumstances will we refund monies before we have received your product back to our premises and checked it as being in the original unopened and undamaged packaging.
  • 6.4 All returns are subject to a $ 20.00 administration fee which you authorize us to be deducted off the balance to be refunded to you
  • 6.5 We may refund by cheque, credit card or PayPal
  • 6.6 Refunds take approximately 2-4 weeks to process by cheque, approximately 5-10  days by credit card and approximately 2-3 days by PayPal.
  • 6.7 Freight on returns will be payable by you on the return of any items, unless prior concessions have been authorised.

Dispatched goods not received

  • 7.1 In the event that you do not receive dispatched products and we are unable to assist you to locate them in transit and we will require you to provide us with a Statutory Declaration witnessed by an eligible person and setting out that you have not received your product before we will consider replacing a product lost in transit. We have the sole discretion to refuse to replace a product lost in transit.