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About us

Smithies Outback is a four wheel drive and camping store that is located in Pakenham, Victoria. We stock top brands that we use and test ourselves during competitions and also when we are out camping with our families and friends. Some of the brands we stock include Warn, Ironman 4x4 and OZtrail.

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Canvas Seat Covers
The folks at MSA 4x4 are travelling adventurers just like you! They work hard for our travels just like you! They have crazy kids just like you! They want to protect our 4wd’s and products just like you! They design, use and abuse their seat covers so they can provide you with the most comfortable, best fitting and toughest seat protection available. Once you have enjoyed the MSA 4x4 seat covers you will agree!
Why do we do it?
  • WHY CANVAS? Because poly/cotton canvas is a tough, durable, waterproof, breathable, natural feel that will outlast any other fabric many times over.
  • WHY POLY/COTTON LINED? While canvas is a waterproof, breathable, tough, long lasting fabric that can withstand loads of abuse, it can also abuse your vehicles nice soft seats, so to protect your seats against any damages. MSA 4x4 uses a soft poly/cotton fabric layer as a barrier between the canvas and the soft seat fabric.
  • WHY POLYESTER/COTTON BLEND CANVAS? Ask any manufacturer of quality canvas products in Australia the same question, whether it be tents, swags or camper trailers, they will tell you the same thing. Although cotton feels natural and breathes in its 100% state, it has no strength, no fade resistance, no ruggedness, it will shrink, it needs the blend of polyester yarn to give it its strength, durability and toughness we require for everyday use. Without polyester it will have no reasonable service life. You might as well put a “T-Shirt” on your seats.
  • WHY DOUBLE LAYERED 12 OUNCE CANVAS FOR MSA? We want you to be comfortable so we use a double layered canvas on the outsides where the high wear occurs & a single layer in the centre. Although extremely tough our covers do not feel hard and crusty like yesterday’s canvas.
  • WHY DUPONT TEFLON REPEL? Because it is the best! We want the very most from our seat covers so we decided to impregnate our canvas with DuPont Teflon Repel during the fabric manufacturing process. This gives an extra protection barrier all round while still remaining just as breathable!
  • WHY ADR CRASH TEST CERTIFIED? Because and illegal, cheap and easy disclaimer isn’t going to help you after the airbags don’t deploy as the manufacturer intended them to! All our ADR Certified seat covers have completed and passed vigorous crash testing. No cheap piping! No elastics! Elastic is great for ease of manufacture but under constant tension it WILL give way.
  • EXTRA LAYERS on high wear areas!
  • MAP POCKETS as standard! All seats, armrests and drink holders WILL work as standard!

All this combines to provide you with the best quality seat covers your hard earned money can buy. Oh yes, did we mention our seat covers are not just tailored they are an identical copy of your seat and therefore without a doubt, the best fitting, non-creasing covers available anywhere! Ask anyone who has ever used them and they will testify.
  • Polycotton Lined Canvas Seat Covers
  • Designed especially for the 4WDriver
  • Heavy 450gsm 12 Ounce Canvas
  • DuPont Repel Teflon Impregnated Canvas
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% UV Stable100% Dirt Proof
  • 100% Mud Proof
  • Head Rest Covers Included
  • Large Rear Pockets Standard
  • ADR Certified Airbag Compatible
  • Side Release Buckle Strap Attachment
  • Protect your Vehicles Valuable Interior
  • Available for most 4WD Vehicles – MSA 4x4
  • Extra Layered Canvas on High Wear Areas
  • Guaranteed the Best Fitting Seat Covers Available


Smithies Outback Gear, the Home of Ironman 4x4 Pakenham is located at 2/4 Southeast Boulevard, Pakenham, Vic 3810 (near Car Mega Mart)

You are welcome to collect your item, or we can send anything Australia wide. Contact us on (03) 5940 3377 to ensure your item has been processed and is ready for pickup.