70mm Hole C/C
Nissan ZD30 Direct Injection Engine
-Nissan Patrol GU 2000-on
-Nissan Navara D22 2001-2008
This does not fit to the EGR itself, it goes on the cast EGR pipe toward the top
of the motor on the right hand side of the engine (inlet manifold).
Here is what all the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) fuss is about...
An EGR System is a simple emissions reducing system specifically introduced to reduce NOx emission. The EGR system allows recirculated exhaust gas back into the inlet side of the engine. This is a continuous process and the EGR valve remains open on cruise and all the way up to just before wide open throttle.  At wide open throttle (WOT) emissions are not tested and so manufacturers close the valve and allow a full shot of fresh air to allow the engine to develop max power.
Mixing hot exhaust gasses with the intake air reduces engine efficiency. The sole reason for using an intercooler is to lower the intake air temps. This makes the air more dense, so we get more air into the combustion chamber. The EGR works effectively to negate the function of the intercooler.
So, the EGR will make you use more fuel, give you less power, cause carbon build-up in the intake manifold and ultimately reduce your engine life. But it does reduce NOx emissions, so we are expected to accept it. Blocking the EGR system gives us two main benefits
1) Blocking the EGR will certainly stop the soot from the exhaust clogging up the inlet manifold.  
2) When blocking the EGR port you are redirecting the exhaust gases back out via the turbo, (where it was meant to go). 
The turbo now has more pressure turning the blades and the turbo will spool quicker.  Most people will even be able to feel this by the “seat of their pants” dyno.  ie you will feel a marginal increase in performance and that’s a good thing. 
There are many benefits to blocking the EGR port/pipe...
  • Cooler intake air temps.
  • More performance.
  • Less engine oil contamination.
  • Cleaner engine oil means increased engine life.
  • Cooler exhaust temps.
  • No Soot in intake which keeps vacuum / boost lines clean
  • Increase turbo response
  • Stop the carbon build-up in the manifold
Compared to the negatives of blocking the EGR System...
  • It is against the law to change the way the vehicle’s emission control systems function. However, in Australia there is no road side diesel testing. 
  • When hot gasses from the EGR mix with the oil ladened air, oil vapour that comes from the engine’s crankcase, the hot air cooks the oil and causes carbon build up on the inside of the intake manifold.  In the pics below you can see the excessive buildup of carbon.


Our EGR Blanking Plate allows the engine to breathe oxygenated air rather than hot exhausted air.
The EGR blank is easy fit design with slots so that you do not need to fully disassemble the EGR System … just slot the Blanking Plate in. 
Whilst we mentioned Catch Cans for your PCV (Pressurised Crankcase Ventilation valve), here is some related info...
Burnt fuel contains contaminates that used to go straight out the exhaust pipe. Now, some of these contaminates (including soot) are being redirected back into the combustion chamber. Engines experience varying levels of piston blow-by, where some of the exhaust will go past the rings and into the engine sump. The more contaminates there are in the exhaust gasses, the more contaminates end up in the engine oil. Contaminated oil will have detrimental effects on engine oil thus reducing its ability to protect the parts its was designed to protect.
The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve can vent a small amount of oily mist into the intake manifold. When this oily mist comes into contact with the soot from the exhaust gas it can form deposits on the walls of the intake manifold. Over time these deposits get baked into a solid mass which can seriously affect air flow through the manifold, as seen in the attached pictures.




Shipping Weight 0.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.010m
Shipping Cubic 0.000150000m3
Assembled Length 10.000m
Assembled Height 1.000m
Assembled Width 1.000m


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