What is a GVM upgrade and why do I need it?

Date Posted:11 March 2022 

GVM Upgrade at Smithies Outback Gear - Ironman 4x4

Every vehicle comes with a gross vehicle mass, or GVM, set by the manufacturer and this is the maximum a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded. Anything you add to your 4x4, such as accessories (bull bar, winch, roof racks, etc), work tools, cargo, passengers, and towing a trailer or caravan, adds to the vehicle’s GVM. If your vehicle exceeds the approved GVM it can become dangerous and illegal, and you run the risk of insurance companies voiding any payouts in the event of an accident.

If you need your vehicle to be able to carry loads above the manufacturer’s GVM, you will need a GVM upgrade. For new vehicles this must be done prior to registration (so it can be registered with a revised GVM as per the new compliance plate). If you’re making a GVM upgrade on a vehicle already registered, once the upgrade is complete it will have to be inspected by a Lovells nominated State Engineering Signatory.

If you are a business owner, in addition to ensuring you are compliant, a GVM upgrade will also help protect your business from claims of OHS breaches and employee negligence.

So whether it’s for work or for 4x4 adventures, it’s important to know your vehicle weights and if the accessories you add will impact the approved GVM. If you’re not sure, have a chat with our team and we’ll run through your plans for the vehicle and the impacts on GVM.

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