4x4 Suspension Kits

Smithies Outback Gear - 4x4 Suspension Kits 

Smithies Outback Geat offer a range of suspension kit upgrade equipment and can install at our workshop on-site. Many 4x4 drivers choose to upgrade their original suspension systems for improved handling, clearance, wheel travel and load carrying ability. A suspension system is also important to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers and can also help to further protect your vehicle from damage by allowing it more flexibility to bounce back and move as it needs to.

Looking for a suspension upgrade for your vehicle?

Before you head out on your next 4x4 adventure, be sure to stop in and chat to our team about making sure your vehicle's suspension is ready to go. We can recommend the best kit for your 4x4 and ensure the most comfortable ride with on and off-road performance the key factor. 

We have a team of suspension specialists on site ready to fit your new 4x4 suspension kit too, so Smithies Outback Gear is the one-stop shop for all your suspension kit needs!

Ironman 4x4

Smithies Outback Gear is the home of Ironman 4x4 Pakenham

We stock Ironman 4x4 suspension products, who offer a complete range of suspension kits and equipment. Ironman 4x4 and have been perfecting their product throughout their 50 years suspension experience. Ironman 4x4 also offer a range of  'matched' components to ensure that every driver can select the parts to meet their driving needs and suit the driving conditions of each vehicle and it's adventures. We can recommend further upgrades and services to your vehicle to enhance suspension even further.

Speak to our team today about the best suspension kit is best suited to your vehicle and we'll quote you up a great price on purchase and install.